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This was my first attempt at videography, set in Japan, in the city of Tokyo and the region of Gifu. The trip itself was broken into 2 halves, 5 days in Tokyo and 5 days in the countryside area of Gifu. Going in I had 3 arcs to tell - City - Countryside - People. Following the flow of the music I tried to encapsulate the trip into these 3 arcs. 

City featured a journey from day time to night time. From a hotel view of the trains to journeying through the city on it and arriving in one of the many city parks in Tokyo. Thereafter journeying around the city past their playgrounds and temples before a crescendo into some of my favourite scenes of the City.


Countryside features the long roads, many rivers and mountainous landscapes, caked in snow during the time we were there. I wanted to capture the many mountain temples we visited and the farmhouse we got to stay in.


Finally we transition into my friends and I enjoying the trip. I could feel that people were brought together by food and the people of the place took great pride in their culinary art. So I wanted to conclude the short video on on a highlight of the many people I got to witness showcase their cooking skills.

Full size video

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