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Target User: Start-up Product Design Companies

Designed for Mid-small size companies with the idea of mimicking the process of a "kickstarter", where designers campaign and get their projects funded by people that support their designs directly.


Design Methodology: Tama Art University Library

Designed by toyo ito, my design abstracted and re-interpret the strategies and method used to create the library into my office project.

Design Adaptations: Abstracted From Birch Rd (Site)

2 elements were abstracted from the context of the site, specifically from shophouses. The front pedestrian pathways and the back alley of the shophouses.


Studying the site


The shophouses

shophouse 1.jpg

Abstraction from shophouse 5 foot way

There are 2 aspects I wanted to capture from this. There is an interesting relationship between the outside and the enclosure that is formed by the walkyway. This could be used to create a shop space along a walkway within my office building to sell the products companies make.

Next is the physical step down or step up to demarcate the space without physically barricading the space.

Abstraction from shophouse back alley

There are 2 aspects I wanted to capture from this. The first was the step back in building that creates this affect of teh facades disappearing. 

The second is the how objects stand out against that step back. As seen in the image above, the spiral stairs stick out because of the step back. We can use this to highlight spaces in the office building.

shophouse 2.jpg


The form was shaped from a cuboid. The edges were first rounded to create a more seamless view outside. the face was then angled to align to pathways that were frequently used by pedestrians that pass by.

The abstraction from the back alley shophouse is then applied to create a conical atrium space. The final massing wiht levels is presented on the left.

space distribution.jpg

Image details how spaces are distributed across the 6 levels following the process of a "kickstarter"


Section detailing work spaces demarcated by raised platforms

Plan drawings for building


Detailed section drawing fo constrction of building

The renders 

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