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My first freelance project, Ikigai-an, was commissioned from a client referred to from an ex-internship company. His brief was as such, a place of retreat that encompassed his purpose of living, "Ikigai". For him, he requested for a few key spaces, a teahouse with a view of a garden, a yoga hut at the base of the project, guest houses for his friends and any who would like to stay, a restaurant overlooking the whole plot, and a villa for himself on site.

I was commissioned to complete his villa, guest houses, his teahouse and the overall master plan of the plot. For the guest houses and the teahouse, I incoporated traditional Japanese styling adapted from "Gasho zukuri", which I witnsessed and stayed in during my trip to Japan. The villa followed that styling for the exterior however the interior was designed to the clients personal liking.

gassho zukuri.jpg

Gassho Zukuri


The Site Plan

The client chose a downslope plot of land, the highest point being at the carpark. From there I arranged for the restaurant and villa to be beside each other overlooking the plot, and 5 guest houses across the plot of land. At the midpoint of the plot, the teahouse, fire pit and water feature cut through the plot creating views across each other. Finally at the end of the plot is the yoga pavaillion and spa building.


The Villa

A 1-storey villa built almost symetrically. It was requested that we have a large outdoor porch, as well as having the bedrooms and living room connected to it. 

The bedroom and private bathrooms mirror each other and are large and spacious. 

The living space and kitchen are connected and have access to a powder room for guests.

The renders 


The Cottages (guest house)

A 1-storey cottage built from the concepts of a Japanese home. When the guests first step in, there is a entrance foyer, known as the "Genkan". This is where the guests may remove and keep their shoes. 

We then step into the bedroom with the bathroom entrance adjacent to it. Finally an indoor balcony that is often found in "Ryokans", with tatami flooring and a view that looks out into the plot of land.

The renders 


The Teahouse

A 1-storey teahouse designed after the matcha teahouses often found in Japan. 

It features a main spaces the size of 10 tatami mats for guests to have tea. The shoji doors can be opened up for guests to have look out into the plot while having tea. 

The kitchen space beside is behind a sliding door for any preparation required for the tea.

The whole teahouse is surrounded by an outdoor deck that allows the guests freedom to choose where they may sit.

The renders 

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