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The first 2 videos I created to document my year long of travel. This video is the first chapter featuring my thoughts and experiences from my trip to Japan with my group of friends. 

In the first video I talk about my progression of my thoughts on architecture, which was what I studied in school previously, going from having no interest in it anymore to growing an even stronger appreciation of it. Architecture being a physical manifestation truly needed a physical experience to appreciate.

In the second video I talk about my emotional progression, from my humbling exprience at an Oknomiyaki (Japanese cabbage pancake) store, to a cycling experience with my friends. Finally the videos crescendos in a montage as I reminisce the idea that this is the trip that landmarks a point in my life where my friends and I's paths in life diverge. 

Short for Social Media

Series of videos that encapsulates the chapters in the full videos. Videos were created in square format as I wanted to capture more of the landscpe and scale in some of the shots that vertical scenes did not suit.

Stories from Japan 1

Stories from Japan 2

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