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Following through with crossmind studios - "Introduction to Blender" series, after completing the basics of modeling on blender, I began on my first project, to model and animate a simple aircraft.

For this first project, I made use of my understanding of the modeling tools from blender to recreate the airplane model that was provided. As I progressed along I added my own twists to the model to further explore creating elements from my own imagination. I added more robust engines with what I imagined were cooling fins, and pipes that would channel exhaust from the plane. From here I added my own custom metallic paint material for the body and rotors, and glass material for the cabin. 


Once the model was complete I begin the animation process. The goal was to create a short clip with the aircraft weaving through clouds in the sky and to animate a 10s perfect loop with the camera following the plane. All this while implementing lessons learnt from lighting to create a complete a full process of creating a scene, from modeling, to adding material, framing, animating, and lighting.  

Modeling process

Custom red metal material


Custom glass material

The Animation Process

The images to the right display my learning and creation process of the clouds and a simulation for clouds created for the scene.

I begin learning the animation tools through experimentation done on a simple ball bouncing. From there the concepts were then applied to the aircraft. As there are multiple moving parts (the propellor) in the aircraft I also learnt how to parent different objects so they can move independently or together with other moving objects

Cloud Simulation

The cloud simulation was done with cuboids with voroni, noise, gradient textures. These nodes allow the clouds to be key framed and animated to be moving along with the aircraft as it flies through

Full size video of animation

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