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Tasked to help a Yoga instructor create videos for advertistments.

In doing so, I assisted with cutting, editing and recolouring old footage to be fit for advertisements. I was also involved in shooting new scenes as well as documenting certain yoga practices and yoga lessons from the instructor.


Group Shoot

(Sun Salutation)

These were some pictures from the outdoor shoot of the yoga teacher and 2 of her students.

They were performing what is called sun salutations and I tried to have them face slightly off angle from the sun such that from back, there is a nice glow on the people and from the front, the soft sunlight lights their face nicely. 


Close-up of student meditating

Group Shoot

(Sun Salutation/Tibetan Rites)

These were some videos from the group outdoor shoot of the yoga teacher and 2 of her students.

In these footage, they were perfoming sun salutation (top/middle) and tibetan rites (bottom). When shot I tried to play up the sunlight for the sun salutation scenes and focus on the ocean and symmetry for the tibetan rites.

Outdoor Shoot (Tibetan Rites)

This was recorded for a quick social media post on Tibetan Rites.


Close-up of the Yoga Teacher

Solo Shoots 

This were a series of videos capturing the yoga teachers individual practices as well as her daily yoga practice. There are also scenes where others would join her in the practice.

1min Advertisment for a Yoga Retreat

This was a 1 minute advertisement made from old footage and stock footage collected from the Yoga Teachers travels in India. As such there were many scenes where footage had to be heavily colour adjusted to fit. It was a big learning process for me and to improve it going forward, I would likely try to incoporate some image upscaling tools to see if I could increase the video quality.

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