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Hi, I am Glenn, and I am a travelling Video Editor / Photographer / Videographer!

Studying and practicing architecture has taught me that visuals can tell great stories. Since then, my passion for film and visual effects had recently grown, as I sought a medium that could carry great stories to more people.

I am currently travelling the world, volunteering and doing cultural exchange programs, to experience and hear stories from around the world. All while editing videos for small businesses I meet along the way.  I believe in creating for those who cannot. Whether they are untold stories of those who have been overlooked or wisdom from those who lead simple lives. Their stories are worth telling, and I want to tell stories that speak to more than just myself. 

In my free time, I also explore other creative mediums, such as music. Since joining my secondary school’s wind band, I developed an appreciation for wind bands and orchestras and would find myself playing in wind bands inside and outside school. I have also picked up woodworking and took up an apprenticeship furthering my desire to create.

I have explored many facets of art, and now I explore video editing and story telling. I believe art is more what others can take out of it, than what I put into it, and I am passionate about using my designs and creations to connect to people. 


Past Experience


Photo Tour 

Photographer / Tour Guide

Shot photos & gave personalised guided tours to travellers that came to Singapore

- Shot and edited photos for travellers

- Created and customised guided tours catered to the traveller

- Gave a guided tour of Singapore, its history and architecture


Keelung for a Walk 

Videographer / Video Editor / Photographer

Created content for social media for a tour group, Keelung for a Walk

- Shooting feature videos in vertical format

- Shooting photos for social media

- Editing short form content 


Atelier C 

Videographer / Video Editor / Photographer

Tasked to shoot videos for social media for a Ceramic artist

- Shooting process videos in vertical format

- Shooting photos for social media

- Editing short form content 


Yogi - Living 

Videographer / Video Editor

Tasked to edit old video footage for advertistments for a Yoga teacher

- Rough cutting and editing to the flow of a speech

- Colour correcting old footage to fit videos

- Recording and shooting new clips to be added into future videos

- Creating videos for social media platforms


Republic of Singapore Air Force

165 SQN, HQ Specialist

Tasked to keep track of over 700 Reservist soldiers that return yearly and plan for their future in the force.

- Excel management of the reservist soldiers

- Creating new software processes to future proof management of the soldiers

- Planned progression for soldiers

- Ensured training vetos were all met timely



Location: Bali (done remotely in Singapore)

Architectural Designer

Brought on (referal) by a personal client to produce design schematics for a small scale resort located in Bali.

- Contract and billing            

- E-communication with client

- Design schemes                    

- Design presentation/discussions

- 3D renderings                        

- 3D printed model


Architecture Intern

Tasked to provide support to my assigned team.

- Design schemes                  

- Project tendering

- 2D drafting work      

- Design presentation

- Model making                        

- 3D printed models 

Software Skills


- Davinici Resolve

- Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator / Premier

3D rendering/ modeling

- Blender

- Vray

- Twinmotion


- Autodesk Revit / Autocad

- Sketchup

- Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel, Word

Education History


Diploma in Architecture Singapore Polytechnic

GPA: 3.4 / 4


GCSE O'levels

St. Andrews Secondary Sch

L1R5: 11

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